🇪🇺 Europe and PLEV (electric scooters, wheels, electric skateboards, gyropods …)

ANUMME is the French Union of PLEV users.

Our goal is to help Europe to allow PLEV in European Regulation No 168/2013.

Each country are currently defining PLEV local regulations.

In France, a new PLEV regulation will be introduced very soon, but PLEV will be regulated at 25 km/h. Many French people have PLEV capable to achieve an higher speed limit and does not accept this limitation.

The French government doesn’t want to introduce a local regulation for PLEV going up to 45 km/h (like L1e-B for bikes in European Regulation). So, we hope helping other european users to form discussions groups and unions will help everybody to open this discussion with European Governement.

We created a Telegram channel to discuss across all european countries and help all nations.

Please join us here: https://t.me/anumme_europe


🇫🇷 The French regulation

The new law include all kind of PLEV (electric scooters, wheels/unicycles, electric skates …)

– must be limited to 25 km/h by construction
– must have front/rear light
– must have reflectors
– must have bell
– must have breaks

– allowed on roads with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/h (no urban “highways”) and cycling paths
– by default, forbiden on sidewalks . by exception, can be allowed on specific sidewalks if accepted by local road regulators.
– by default, not allowed outside of cities if no cycling paths. by exception, can be allowed on specific roads if accepted by local road regulators.
– wearing earplugs or headphones is forbiden
– minimal age of 12 years old
– no passanger
– helmet advised inside cities, and madatory outsite of cities
– by night, the user needs to wear reflective clothes (or artefacts improving visibility)
– user must have personnal insurance.